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02-03 2013

Watch the Northern Lights from Home

The Northern Lights, more properly known as the Aurora Borealis, have long enchanted people from all over the world. With their dazzling colors and otherworldly glow, they might look like magic, but the science behind them is well understood
26-08 2012

Meet Traveling Through The Lens

"World Cams" is no more. We've changed our name into "Traveling Through The Lens" to reflect our vision upon the future of this website. We hope you'll like it!
22-08 2012

Our 2 most nifty features

Are you a new or regular visitor of our website? Then this blog post might teach you quite a few useful tricks. Have fun exploring!
16-07 2012

Blog Kick-off

Dear readers. Today we are proud to announce that our blog has gone live! This blog will regularly be updated so be sure to return from time to time to check the latest news.